Corporate Members

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is one of the largest Islamic banks in the GCC. It was founded in 1997 and has a wholly-owned subsidiary in London.

Ahli United Bank (UK) Plc

Al Ahli United Bank (UK) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bahrain’s Al Ahli Bank, and has been based in London since 1966.

Al Rayan Bank UK

Formerly known as Islamic Bank of Britain, Al Rayan Bank is the UK's only Shari'a-compliant retail bank. It is majority owned by the Qatari bank, Masraf Al Rayan.

Arab National Bank, London Branch

Arab National Bank is a Saudi joint venture between Jordan’s Arab Bank and Saudi shareholders. The London branch offers a wide variety of banking and property-related services.


BACB is a London-based wholesale bank that focusses on trade finance and treasury services to the Middle East. It has representative offices in Algiers, Cote d’Ivoire, and Tripoli.

Bank - ABC

Bank ABC is a Bahrain-based international bank that conducts wholesale, retail and investment banking. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary in London.

Bank Audi SAL

Bank Audi is one of the largest Lebanese banks. It has significant operations in Turkey and Egypt, and operations throughout the Middle East.

Bank of London & the Middle East Plc

BLME is a London based bank and the biggest wholly Islamic bank in Europe. It focusses on wealth management, and also offers real estate, leasing and trade finance services.

Belleveue Mortlakes Chartered Surveyors

Belleveue Mortlakes Chartered Surveyors specialise in commercial and residential secured lending property valuations. The firm is based in London.

BLOM Bank France

BLOM Bank France is a subsidiary of BLOM Bank, one of the biggest banks in Lebanon with a large network in the Middle East. Blom Bank France has a subsidiary in London.

BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is New York-based bank with worldwide operations. It has extensive relationships in the Middle East with a particular focus on custody, hedge fund liquidity, private equity and real estate services.

Creditbank SAL

Creditbank is a Lebanese bank with an extensive domestic network and a significant branch network in Armenia and in Russia.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD is based in Dubai and is one of the biggest banks in the Middle East. It has a branch in London that focuses on private banking, corporate banking and treasury.

Europe Arab Bank Plc

EAB is a London-incorporated bank that is a subsidiary of Arab Bank of Jordan, one of the biggest banks in the Middle East. EAB offers corporate and institution banking, private banking and treasury services.

First Abu Dhabi Bank

NBAD was already the biggest bank in Abu Dhabi before it merged with First Gulf Bank in early 2017. NBAD has had a branch in London since 1977 focussing on private banking, trade finance, corporate banking and treasury.

Focusync UK Limited

FOCUSYNC provides business solutions that aggregate data and streamline processes by utilising newer technology platform systems for compliance, regulatory reporting, management information systems, and risk management to reduce costs and the risk of reputational damage.

FTI Consulting LLP

FTI Consulting is an independent global business advisory frim dedicated to helping organisations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes: financial, legal operational, political and regulatory, reputational and transactional.

Grant Thornton UK LLP

Grant Thornton is a leading independent assurance, tax and advisory firm. Its Business Risk Services focus on Internal Audit, Finance and Risk Management, Technology Risk Services, Cyber, and Compliance. It offers these services over four sectors: banking, securities, wealth and insurance. 

Gulf International Bank

GIB is one of the largest commercial banks in Bahrain with a operations through the GCC. It has a branch in London and a London-incorporated subsidiary. 

Corporate Members attend ABA events at heavily reduced rates and are invited to attend our exclusive ‘Corporate Members lunches’. They receive first priority when we allocate tickets to our events. They may nominate up to six members of their staff to participate in ABA activities as part of their corporate membership. We encourage corporate members to post content about their activities on our website and to be involved in our technical seminars. The fee for corporate membership is £3,500 per year.

Individual Members attend ABA events attend ABA events at reduced rates and receive priority when we allocate tickets to our events. Individual Membership is £200 per year.

Young professionals are those with fewer than seven years professional experience. They receive the same benefits as Individual Members but the membership fee is £75 per year.

This is a new membership category that is awarded by the Board of Directors to long-standing members of the Association who have now retired. There is no fee associated with this type of membership.