VG is one of Jersey’s largest independent and privately owned providers of fiduciary and administration solutions. Its independence allows it to act quickly and decisively to create and administer the right solutions for its clients.

VG has worked on a significant number of Shariah-compliant structures and transactions including funds, Sukuk and private trusts, and the firm has particular expertise in the administration of Shariah-compliant structures used to purchase and manage multimillion-dollar commercial properties in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

With over 36 years of experience supporting the needs of entrepreneurs, families and institutions in the GCC and wider Middle East region, VG prides itself on its deep understanding of the Middle East and its culture. The firm also works with clients and advisers based in Africa and Asia.

VG's team is frequently in London and delivers regular presentations and training sessions to partners and potential clients on subjects ranging from the legal status and fiscal structure of Jersey, to latest developments in Islamic financing. Key contacts include: 

·         Trevor Norman, Director – Islamic Finance and Funds Group, heads up the funds and Islamic finance team at VG and has over 20 years’ experience within Shariah-compliant structuring (contact Trevor:

·         Ashley Le Feuvre, Director – VG Funds, works within the funds and Islamic finance team at VG and has extensive experience of regulated and conventional corporate, including investment funds and SPVs, and Shariah-compliant structures.

·         Claire Malkoun, Director – Business Development, has experience of living and working in the Middle East and is responsible for developing relationships with both new and existing clients and their advisers (contact Claire:

·         Richard Fagan, Director, has more than 30 years’ experience in corporate and fiduciary services and is highly involved in business development activities, particularly in the Middle East (contact Richard:

To find out more and for details of the legal and regulatory status of VG, please visit

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