Arab Banker 2018

Here is the latest issue of Arab Banker magazine, the sixth in the new series. This year's edition includes a profile of Arab Bank and its CEO, Nemeh Sabbagh, articles on financial markets in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, interviews with Saad Azheri of Blom Bank and Abdel Maguid Breish, with Saad Azheri of Blom Bank, articles on fintech and more.

2017 Arab Banker

The 2017 edition of Arab Banker was published at the end of September 2017 and includes an interview with the CEO of Gulf International Bank, a profile of Qatar National Bank, updates on developments in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon, and articles on Brexit, IT compliance and international real estate trends. There are numerous photographs from the Association's events, and our 'cultural section' at the back.

2016 Arab Banker

The 2016 edition of the Arab Banker was published on 23 September and includes a profile of Bank-ABC, interviews with the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the CEO of Ahli Bank of Kuwait and Al Khaliji Bank of Qatar, an analysis of the Saudi investment market by one of the Kingdom's leading asset managers, and a series of three articles on Risk, Compliance and Correspondent Banking. 

2015 Arab Banker

The 2015 edition of the Arab Banker was published on 24 September and includes features on Ahli United Bank of Bahrain, and its CEO, Adel El-Labban; updates on financial markets in Saudi Arabia, and the banking systems in Kuwait, Morocco and Egypt; three articles about the fight against financial crime in the Middle East; a description of the diamond industry; and much more!

2014 Arab Banker

The September 2014 edition of the Arab Banker included a feature on Bank Audi, with a profile of the bank’s chairman, Mr. Raymond Audi; interviews with the CEOs of National Bank of Kuwait and National Bank of Abu Dhabi; an article on Bank of Beirut; and a review of the bodies setting standards in the Islamic finance industry; and plenty more!


2013 Arab Banker

The first edition of the newly re- launched Arab Banker included a profile on Blom Bank and its former Chairman, Naaman Azheri; a series of articles on London’s role as a financial centre for Arab business; an interview about financial crime with Mohammed Baasiri of Lebanon’s central bank; and a description of long term trends in economic power and influence in the region.



The Arab Banker magazine

The Arab Banker is the magazine of the London Arab Bankers Association. It has been published since the 1980s, but was re-launched in its current form in September 2013, under a new Editor and with a new design and printing team.

The new Arab Banker was immediately welcomed as a great improvement on previous editions, both in terms of editorial quality and in the look and feel of the design.

The 2018 edition is the sixth in the new series.

The Arab Banker is aimed at financial sector professionals who either work for Middle East banks or conduct business with them. The editorial content includes features on banks and banking systems, interviews with senior bankers, and articles on broader financial markets that are relevant to Middle East finance (real estate finance, for example). The final pages of the magazine are devoted to cultural activities that are likely to be of interest to those involved with the Middle East.

The magazine’s print run is 4,000. About 1,000 copies are mailed in London and about 1,000 to the GCC. We also have a strong mailing list in the broader Middle East, and in particular in Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. Copies are distributed at ABA events and at conferences in London.

The ABA is sent free of charge to those on our mailing list.

The magazine is funded by advertising and makes a small profit for the Association.

For more information about the Arab Banker magazine please contact the Editor, Andrew Cunningham at