EVENT: Fox Williams Briefs Corporate Members on Brexit

Date: 21st September, 2017 Time: 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Fox Williams Briefs Corporate Members on Brexit

Three senior executives from Fox Williams, the London-based law firm, briefed ABA corporate members on how the negotiations over Britain's exit from the European Union ('Brexit') might unfold over the next two years. Particular reference was made to how Brexit might affect employment rights, including the ability of overseas staff, both from the EU and from outside, to work in the UK.

This was the latest in our series of Corporate Members' Briefings, which are invitation-only events focusing on areas of immediate concern to Arab banks in London. The briefing was held on 21 September at our offices in the Arab British Chamber of Commerce Building.

The presentation was delivered by Chris Finney, Sacha Schoenfeld, and David Murphy. 

Chris Finney described the various models that might be used to structure a Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU. These include the European Economic Area agreement, the Swiss agreement with the EU, and the Canadian agreement. He also identified the three issues on which the EU authorities are most keen to make progress: the status of the Northern Ireland border, the future status of non-British EU citizens, and the UK's contribution to the EU budget after the UK has left the EU. 

Mr. Finney described the legislative process that should be complete by March 2019 (two years after the UK officially notified the EU of its intention to leave), but he was not optimistic that the legislation will be passed by then. In addition to the legislation needed to incorporate EU law into British law, there will have to be specific legislation on issues such as Customs, Fisheries, Agriculture, and Nuclear Safeguards.

Sacha Schoenfeld addressed immigation and employment issues related to Brexit. She pointed out that UK residency rights currently enjoyed by EU nationals will not be carried forward into a post-Brexit UK legal regime, and she described various steps that EU citizens currently resident in the UK can take to secure their status after Brexit.

Those who have been in the UK for more than five years may be eligible to apply for permanent residence; those who have been in the UK for fewer than five years can apply for a Registration Certificate, which could protect their status if European Economic Area nationals become subject to border controls; and some may be able to apply for naturalisation as British citizens.

She advised non-British EU nationals to start preparing a schedule of all their travel for the last five years, including dates, locations and the purpose of the travel; and to gather evidence that they have been working, studying, self sufficient etc while resident, for example through collecting payslips, council tax bills and letters from government departments.

A copy of the Fox Williams slide presentation is attached below.

Contact details for the Fox Williams staff are:

Chris Finney, Partner, cfinney@foxwilliams.com  020 7614 2614

Sacha Schoenfeld, Partner, sschoenfeld@foxwilliams.com 020 7614 2597

David Murphy, Legal Director, dmurphy@foxwilliams.com 020 7614 2633

The photograph at the top shows, George Kanaan, the ABA's CEO, Sacha Shoenfeld, David Murphy, and Chris Finney. 

Fox Williams Brexit Briefing

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