North African Banks Remain Among Biggest in Africa

  • 4th, January, 2016
North African Banks Remain Among Biggest in Africa

The biggest four banks in Africa are South African, when ranked according to Tier 1 capital, according to The Banker magazine. Attijariwafa Bank and Groupe Banques Populaires, both Moroccan, are the fifith and sixth biggest banks, and National Bank of Egypt, the tenth.

The ranking was published in the January 2016 edition of The Banker magazine.

Thirty seven of the largest 100 are based in North Africa.

Egyptian banks account for 15 of the largest 100, Nigerian banks account for 14, Kenyan banks for 10, and Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Angolan, Mauritian and South Afirican banks for seven each. Twelve countries and one multinational bank account for the remainding 19 banks.

There are big differences in the sizes of banks and of banking systems. For example, the seven Tunisian banks that appear in the biggest 100 ranking have combined Tier 1 capital of $1,928mn, and none has more than $1mn in Tier 1 capital. (The biggest is Banque de Tunisie with $355mn.) In contrast, the seven Moroccan banks in the ranking have combined capital of $11,596mn and three have capital greater than $1bn.The Algerian banking system is dominated by two banks (Banque Exterieure d'Algerie and Banque Nationale d'Algerie with capital of $2,083mn and $1,779mn). The next biggest Algerian bank, Société Générale Algerie has capital of $253mn.

The tables attached below list the North African banks that appear in The Banker's top 100 ranking and their Tier 1 capital (Attachment 1); the number of banks that each country contributes to the top 100 ranking, and a listing of the GDP sizes of the largest 20 African countries (Attachment 2); and a summary country-by-country listing of the combined Tier 1 capital of banks that appear in the top 100 and the number of the country's banks that have capital greater than $1bn (Attachment 3).

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