Listing of biggest 100 Arab Banks

  • 4th, January, 2018
Listing of biggest 100 Arab Banks

The Bankers' magazine's latest ranking of the biggest Arab banks, ranked by Tier 1 capital, is based on end-2016 figures, still provides a useful guide to banking resources in the region.

National Commercial Bank (NCB) was the biggest Arab bank in the ranking, with Tier 1 capital of $14,694. Qatar National Bank (QNB) was second at that time with $14,260. QNB has likely surpassed NCB by now, but both have certainly been superceded by First Abu Dhabi Bank, created in early 2017 by the merger of National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank. 

Six Arab banks had Tier 1 equity in excess of $10bn and 15 had more than $5bn. Sixty nine had more than $1bn.

GCC banks  dominate the ranking. Athough 31 of the biggest 100 banks are from outside the GCC, only ten fall within the biggest 50. The largest non-GCC bank at the time the ranking was compiled was Arab Bank, in 19th postion with equity of $4,691mn. 

Total Tier 1 Capital of the biggest 100 Arab banks was $282,796mn, of which $109,367 was attributable to the biggeset 10. 

There have been significant developments in Arab banking since the list was compiled. In addition to the NBAD-FGB merger, AlAwwal Bank (formerly Saudi Hollandi) has merged with Saudi British Bank. Future Bank has closed.

The table below reproduces The Bankers' top 100 list and also separately shows the biggest 20 non-GCC banks.


The Banker Top 100 Arab Banks