86 Arab banks in The Banker's list of the biggest 1,000

  • 23rd, July, 2018
86 Arab banks in The Banker's list of the biggest 1,000

Eighty six Arab banks have sufficient Tier 1 capital to rank among the world's biggest banks, according to The Banker magazine's latest annual rankings, published in its July 2018 edition. The rankings are based on end-2017 equity or the most recent available data.

First Abu Dhabi Bank is the biggest Arab Bank and ranks 81st in the world. Qatar National Bank is just one place behind, with equity of $20,108. The 1,000th ranked bank (National Bank Holdings Corporation of the US) had equity of $472mn.

Nearly all active GCC banks are large enough to be placed among the biggest 1,000. The GCC contributes 64 of the 86 Arab banks. Six other countries contribute 22 banks, of which nine are based in Lebanon. 

Arab countries without representation in the rankings are Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. 

The country distribution of the 86 banks is:

Bahrain 10

Kuwait 7

Oman 5

Qatar 10

Saudi Arabia 12

UAE 21

Egypt  4

Iraq 1

Jordan 3

Lebanon 9

Morocco 4

Tunisia 1

The Banker also mentions nine other banks that it describes (oddly, in some cases) as fully owned subsidiaries. These are not included in the main ranking, even though their equity size is greater than the 1,000th biggest bank. The rankings also exclude Boubyan Bank and Warba Bank, which again appears odd.

The attached tables show the Arab banks that are included in the list with their Tier 1 equity and also their asset sizes.


Arab Banks in the Biggest 1000