Figures for the Biggest 15 Lebanese Banks

  • 14th, December, 2018
Figures for the Biggest 15 Lebanese Banks

The 15 largest Lebanese banks account for about 90% of the country's banking system. Bank Audi's latest Lebanon Weekly Monitor has a useful table showing the assets, loans, deposits, equity and net profits of these 15 banks as of 30 September.

(The Lebanese Central Bank lists 142 licensed banks, some of which are subsidiaries of other banks and many of which are branches of overseas banks. Nonetheless, the point remains that the 15 'Alpha' banks comprise about 90% of the whole banking system.)

The figures are consolidated and include overseas operations. (So, for example, the figures for Bank Audi include its Turkish subsidiary Odea Bank.) 

The total assets of these 15 banks was $249.2bn at the end of September, deposits were $183.0bn, loans were $63.0bn (yes, $63bn), and equity was $21.5bn. 

Bank Audi is the biggest bank, with assets of $45.7bn, followed by Blom Bank with assts of $35.7bn. Byblos, Fransabank and SGBL follow with assets of $23-24bn. 

The Bank Audi report noted that domestic deposit dollarisation stood at 67.7% at the end of September. Loans fell in the first nine months of 2018: loans in local currency increased slightly but this was more than offset by a $1.2bn decline in foreign currency lending.

The table which appeared in Bank Audi's Lebanon Weekly Moniety for 3 - 9 December is reproduced below. If anyone would like these figures in an excel chart, our editor has one. Email him at and he will send it to you.



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