Resources on IBORs, Sanctions, Fintech and more

Resources on IBORs, Sanctions, Fintech and more

ABA Corporate member Fieldfisher, a law firm, has a range of research publications on current financial issues on its website. 

For example, the firm has a 'micro site' dedicated to Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs) that explains the background and issues behind the ending of IBORs and current initiatives to replace them. The site addresses the use of new benchmarks throughout financial markets, from loans through to derivatives and asset-backed securities. The site explains the technical differences  between Risk Free Rates (RFRs)and IBORs,  and the dates on which RFRs are being introduced. 

 Fieldfisher also has a Sanctions Spotlight micro-site which describes recent developments on international sanctions. For example, a recent post provides an updated on DASKAA ('Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act') which has been re-introduced into the US Senate. (DASKAA first appeared in August 2018 but was not put to a vote.) Described by some as 'The Sanctions Bill from Hell', DASKAA would introduce tough new sanctions on the Russian oil and gas sector and on dealings in Russian debt. Dealings with oligarchs, and their families, who act on behalf of President Putin (directly or indirectly) would be affected. 

Fieldfisher also produces research and offers advice on fintech  and open banking and cloud-based products as part of its financial services practice.

The Arab Bankers Association's principal contact with Fieldfisher is Vivien Davies, who is a partner in the firm. Her contact details are:

Direct phone: + 44 207 861 4719

Mobile: + 44 7464 486445