ABA Remains Operational During Conavirus Crisis

  • 23rd, March, 2020
ABA Remains Operational During Conavirus Crisis

ABA staff members are working from home but continue to monitor and respond to emails and are contactable through the usual phone numbers.

The office phone numbers for Hanan al-Masood and Gabriela Sidoli have been re-routed and they are able to respond to enquiries. They are able to access emails sent to their ABA addresses halmasood@arab-bankers.co. and gsidoli@arab-bankers.co.uk. They are monitoring the office@arab-bankers.co.uk address.

Andrew Cunningham, our Editor, is contactable at acunningham@arab-bankers.co.uk.

George Kanaan, our CEO, is contactable at gkanaan@arab-bankers.co.uk

We would like to reassure members and friends that our Association is financially strong and will be able to withstand the current crisis, even if it is prolonged. We have begun work on Arab Banker magazine, which we plan to publish at the end of September, as we have done every year since 2013. 

We have had to suspend our events for the time being, but we are ready to schedule new events, both social and technical, when circumstances permit.

In the meantime, we hope that all of our members and their families, and all others, will be safe and healthy during these difficult times. 






but their ABA phone numbers have been re-routed to their personal phones, and they are receiving and responding to emails sent to their ABA addresses.