Libya Business & Finance Briefing

The Arab Bankers Association and Arab Banker supported a Libya Briefing in London on 18 October 2011, organised by The Libyan British Business Council and MEC International, looking at developments since the Transitional National Council assumed power in the country.

The Libya Briefing at FTI Consulting offices, London WC1V 7PB, was an opportunity for ABA members to get up to speed on business opportunities in the emerging new Libya. The briefing focused on 'Libyan Trade & Investment' and covered a wide range of related issues, including particularly --

  • Contractual Arrangements in Libya -
  • Libyan Finance & Frozen Assets -
  • Logistics

The discussion featured speakers from varied backgrounds -- including Diplomats, Logistics Experts, Financial experts, NTC representative, etc. -- and was chaired by Oliver Miles, former British Ambassador to Libya and Deputy Chairman of the LBBC.